Our Mission

We, the members of Operation Open Heart are dedicated to helping children, who through no fault of their own, are involved with Children Services. Providing, Friendship and Understanding, while teaching citizenship and respect!

Operation Open Heart was formed in 1962 by David Harper, who was a State Highway Patrolman in Ohio. Dave, being an orphan himself, wanted to show these children, who were placed in the court system, that Policemen were their friends, and not someone to fear. So with a few of his friends, Dave took about 15 kids on an all-day picnic.

Dave and his friends all pitched in to furnish all the food and goodies for the day. As the years went by, their were more kids then adults. So, Dave asked a few concerned citizens to help. The all-day picnic then turned into an overnight campout.

Now, the campout is a week long. We have over 80 members on our roster. These kids are treated to Air Plane rides, Boat rides, Putt-Putt, and on one night of the campout, all the members families come down to the campsite, for an evening of fun, and at dark all are treated to a huge Fireworks Show. Our program does not end with the campout. Two weeks later, we take 125 children to one of Ohio's amusement parks to spend the day. Of course, there our the Holiday Seasons. Thanksgiving, we take food baskets to the families of these kids, and then there is Christmas, parties and gifts.

Agencies Involved

We appreciate local law enforcement support, the support from civilian members, and every person who donates to our organization. Below are the law enforcement agencies that allow their officers to be part of our cause:

Ohio State Patrol, Lorain County Sheriff's Office, Lorain County Sheriff Auxiliary, Lorain County Metro Park Rangers, Amherst Police, Avon Police, Elyria Police, Lorain Police, Lorain Police Auxiliary, New London Police, North Olmstead Police, North Ridgeville Police, Sheffield Lake Police, Vermilion Police and Wellington Police.

Thank you to everyone who is involved and we always welcome new support!  Please contact us to find out how you can help with the mission in the future.

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